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WordPress Hosting

We offer a very specific website hosting package, I like to call it a Managed WordPress Hosting Package. As it says on the tin, you’ll get a WordPress website ready to be built upon. We restrict all hosting to WordPress so we are able to support you through any issues you may experience.

Not only that, we build a majority of our websites on WordPress and we highly rate it, that’s why we recommend it to our self-builders as well. With our hosting packed, you’ll get full design & development support. Stuck on a certain part? we can help you solve it without selling you a whole website in the process.

Our website hosting package allows you to build the website that you desire without the upfront cost of paying someone to do it. The systems we use are really simple to get the hang off. There are tons of online tutorials, we offer information on our blog and there are plenty of videos. Between that, and our support system you’ll be able to create a website the compliments your business.

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